Get your luck and money winning with QQ Keno!

Suppose you are a master at number guessing games such as playing the lottery. You will undoubtedly come across some of the big names in the market today.

And at the top of these (online) lotteries is QQ Keno, a popular and well-known brand in the lottery business in Asia and Southeast Asia.

The all-time favorite QQ Keno Like other modern lotteries, a number-based game system offers various prizes and payouts based on winning requirements. In short, the types of bets are wide and varied. So you can be sure that you will have a lot of winning chances!

Nowadays, QQ Keno can stand up to the best in other online gaming platforms that focus on a wide variety of gambling areas such as slots, live casinos, sports betting, Fishing games, Microgaming, and more.

But before we talk about QQ Keno, here’s a short history lesson.

About Allbet Live Casino

Allbet was founded in 2014, and very soon became one of the top betting and entertainment providers in Asia. In the beginning, Allbet Live Casino offered games to Asian players, but as time went on and Allbet’s popularity grew, European players now have access to these games as well.
Following market trends closely for several years, Allbet has introduced an online gaming platform for portable mobile devices. Furthermore, they have expanded business by setting up VIP electronic bidding lounges and incorporating different modes of play, such as the probability games at Allbet Live Casino Thailand.

A Brief History of Keno

The word Keno comes from the French word “quin,” which refers to a series of five lottery wins. But besides the French-inspired name, Much of Keno’s deep-rooted history comes from the East. that is, in China.

Legend has it that Keno significantly influenced the construction of large structures in China’s history. Of course, we are talking about the Great Wall of China. It is said that Keno was involved in fundraising to build the majestic architecture. However, Keno (and other lotteries) was briefly banned. In 1847, some operators were able to revive the game in China with Macau’s approval.

Shortly after Playing, Keno has reached a more comprehensive range of players across the country.918KissClubs is the provider of Cq keno. As more and more providers appear today, players may now be able to access Keno games from anywhere in the world with the Internet. Moreover, the days of long and long draw rounds are over. This is because players might expect around to be lightning-fast in less than 30 seconds. The norm these days is also instant cash rewards.

QQ Keno is available in most Asian markets. As in Australia, Slovakia, Beijing, Malta, and Canada, the draw ranges vary from the 30s, 60s, 90s, and 120s needs. Although the timing of these draws may seem time-consuming, the attractions differ widely. But it’s not too bad. In contrast, QQ Keno’s 30-second draw is relatively fast compared to other similar lottery games.

Indeed, QQKeno is an ideal online game for both professional gamblers and casual gamblers who want to participate in a fireball lottery game.

Types of bets QQ Keno

Now we know what you’re thinking. A lottery is not easy to make a profit. And that’s to be expected, i.e., not many people wish to win big right away.

 QQ Keno offers a wide range of betting options, so you have a greater chance of winning a lot of cash. The types of bets found in QQ Keno online lottery games are:


● Big/Small: Consider two possible outcomes. If a small combination of numbers drawn between 210 and 809 pays out, on the other hand, the prize wins if the value ranges from 811 to 1410. The choice of one of these bets is based on your decision. Coupled with luck, of course.

● Even/Odd: This type of bet is trendy among lottery players in Thailand. Relatively more superficial and similar to big/small chances. Even/Odd requires the player to guess whether the combination of numbers drawn will be odd or even.

● Top/Middle/Bottom: This bet gives bettors an option. (drawing any number in the range 01 to 40), middle (drawing any number from 41 to 80) and bottom (drawing anything more significant than 81).

● Odd Amount: This bet is calculated with 20 balls. Anything greater than 811 and an odd number will be paid.

● Small Odd: This bet type is calculated with 20 balls. If the total is 810 or lower and also odd, you win.

● Even Numbers: When the total value of 20 drawn numbers is more significant than 811, including even numbers. Bets will payout.

● Small Pair: When the total of 20 drawn numbers is 810 or lower, the numbers are still even. Bets will payout.

● Gold: The net worth of drawn numbers ranges from 210 to 695.

● Wood: Draw results are between 696 and 763.

● Water: The total value of drawn numbers ranges from 764 to 855.

● Fire: The total value of the draw is between 856 and 923.

●Land: The total amount of numbers drawn ranges from 924 to 1410.

● Tie: If the combination of numbers equals 810, the draw wins.

How to Play QQ Keno?

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of QQ Keno, it’s time to play!
It’s not rocket science when it comes to playing this lottery game. In QQ Keno, 80 numbers can be drawn at any time. These numbers are given the values 01 through 80.
The round starts when 20 numbers are drawn, and wins are calculated based on the resulting numbers. Take a look at the previous section to see some combinations you may be able to bet on.
And that’s all there is for QQ Keno. Simple, right?
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