The Playtech Casino Thailand offers Live Dealer Games

Playtech Casino is one of the largest online gaming software developers traded on the London Stock Exchange. Playtech’s focus has been “to develop products and content of the highest quality” since its inception in 1999. And that success is built on solid partnerships with Playtech licensees.

Playtech Gaming Products & Software Solutions For all online gambling sites such as 918Kissclubs, Playtech’s suite of products is fully integrated with its cross-platform offerings. This allows players to receive game devices on the Internet, broadcast, mobile phone, and server through a single account. Leading online gaming software includes online casinos, bingo, poker, Spade Gaming, sports betting, live games, casual games, Top Trend gaming, and fixed odds games.

Live Casino: Playtech

The world’s largest ‘next-generation live facility. An enhanced platform that integrates with the latest technology. New dynamic user interface All of this and more combine to provide players with the most personalized gaming experience.
Players can enjoy the excitement of Thai online casinos at home. With games ranging from Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Dragon&Tiger, Casino Hold’em, and many more, Playtech Casino Thailand uses advanced cameras broadcasting in superior HD quality with the fastest streaming and up-time at Best from the industry, Playtech has contracted with native speaking agents for the UK, Italy, Spain.
And Romania, with more to come as demand in regulated markets, has recently increased with dedicated 24/7 support. Bespoke branding options and in-depth dealer training Playtech’s primary focus is to provide unparalleled support and a great experience for gamers.

Enhanced Experience with Advanced Hardware

Playtech Casino is a cutting-edge omnichannel live casino product, content, and services pioneer. All three significant studios of Playtech broadcast in superior HD quality using hundreds of advanced cameras.Fastest stream and most excellent up-time on the market.
All Playtech operations are connected to the industry’s most advanced Mission Control Center. The expert staff is available 24/7. With the latest intelligent business tools, Employees are dedicated to managing critical customer service tasks such as player chat. Dealer function and sensitive storage management Analysis of table traffic and player trends. To add functionality and ensure smooth business continuity.
Playtech hardware is regularly managed and monitored by a competent technical support team. to make it work smoothly and reduce system downtime, Extend sessions and increase player satisfaction.

Riga Studio

It was constructed today in Riga’s Old Town market beyond the fortified 16th-century city walls, Playtech’s largest next-generation live casino will open in February 2017.

The Leading Platform of The Gambling Industry

The live casino software combined with exceptional business intelligence tools creates an end-to-end solution that leads the industry. This pioneering technology connects a dynamic, personalized front-end user interface integrated with leading tabletop gaming products. Provides a unique player participation

Live Casino Products by Playtech

Best in Class

Playtech’s high-end experience has the feel and looks of a proper VIP standard. By providing players with features functionality and great customization, and player segmentation.
Attracting high-value customers and building about delivering the same experience VIPs expect in most top-tier casino games, Grand Royale features a host of new studio layout elements, including Playtech’s Grand Blackjack. which offers the same Salle Privée experience to VIP customers. Table.
Players will also find redesigned tables throughout the room, with Grand Roulette being replaced with Playtech’s Mini Prestige Roulette, providing a more engaging and enriching experience…
The brand new experience consists of a total of seven tables. One roulette table and five blackjack tables are available. The Grand Royale is hand-crafted to match the needs of the players who use it. And there are also unique elements specially designed to maximize the impact value we get from players and spread the current network.

Augmented Reality

Playtech is addressing the most exceptional live casino technology ever with augmented reality. This allows gamers to experience the game on a whole new level with truly amazing content, jumping out of the game and bringing roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and all other games to the right place. A completely new dimension

Single Zero Roulette

Get your location at Single-Zero Live Roulette and get included in the action. This wheel has a total of 37 numbers, 0-36. This is one of the most straightforward and most understandable games to play. Therefore, it is suitable for both beginners and seasoned players. With highly reduced dealers, You are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Play Prestige Roulette Lite

Playtech Prestige Roulette Lite has the same contributions as Prestige Roulette, with fewer cameras that allow players to encounter this shooting and a great version to offer as a dedication.

Playtech Casino Thailand Speed Roulette

Playtech Prestige Roulette Lite has the same offerings as Prestige Roulette, with fewer cameras that enable players to encounter this shooting and a great version to offer as a commitment.