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A Reliable Live Casino Platform Is Available from Gold Deluxe (Gd).

GD Live Casino platform (Gold Deluxe, GD platform), founded in 2011, is based in the Philippines and currently employs more than 100 people. GD platform is committed to developing game like online baccarat. The company delivers professional gaming platforms to customers, and also provides gaming industry development services in Asia.

A Renowned Dealer for Its Beautiful Cars

Players enjoy playing live live casino games with beautiful dealers from the GD platform who have a sexy figure, the cutest face or the friendliest smile. Their beautiful dealers take advantage of GD’s platform to enjoy baccarat.

Live Casino Games Are Available in Several Modes.

Platforms on the gd platform are available in a variety of flavors  we offer a variety of betting products including baccarat. We offer mobile baccarat as well as 3d baccarat. Casinos offer a number of other amenities 
 mic baccarat is a form of baccarat where players and host can chat freely.     
An extension of time can be requested when placing a bet, changing cards or advising the house after winning a bet.

An Innovative Take on Serial Baccarat.

The serial baccarat game combines different types of play. (Player Wins, Player Wins or Tie) Each game must be wagered at least twice and up to a maximum of 8 times. GD’s serial baccarat feature is its most interesting feature. As a result of the various functions of the game, players are greatly enriched.

Gold Deluxe Is a Live Gaming Room Created by 918kissclubs and the Gaming Company.

Improve the gaming experience for players. We have partnered with the GOLD Deluxe platform to offer popular live casino games. It is now possible to play with the prettiest dealer ever!

Casino Rooms with More Live Action

XPG is one of the famous live casino platforms. They are the first to create Super 6, VIP table baccarat, Playtech, Mic baccarat, Intelligent baccarat, etc. Don’t miss 918KISSCLUBS Live Casino if you love live casino games.