QQ Keno – Best Online Lottery Platform in Thailand

QQ Keno – a brand new online lottery platform that allows you to place lottery bets online. People used to bet lottery tickets online in brick-and-mortar stores in the past. Now, times have changed. Thailand can now place online lottery bets at 918Kiss Club via QQ Keno!

What is an online lottery?

A lottery is one of the most popular gambling games in Thailand. It is a legal business in Thailand and currently has several operating companies such as Magnum, Toto, 4D, etc. These companies typically operate offline, with lottery betting only required at their specific stores.

This inconveniences the public as they have to go to the store to place their bets physically. There are no lottery shops in some places, and they are forced to travel miles to bet.

The good news is that 918Kiss Clubs is now offering online lottery services to the public through QQ Keno! All players and gamblers are no longer physically restrained. Just start betting from the comfort of your home couch! QQ Keno can be accessed from almost any modern device with an internet connection, including desktops, laptops, mobiles, ipads, tablets, you name it.

With QQ Keno, online lottery betting is easy and convenient.

What games are there in QQ Chino?

QQ Keno offers many types of lottery games to the public. Here are some of the game descriptions:

Even and Odd: The most popular and easiest to play game in QQ Chino. The rules are simple. Players only need to guess the result of the sum of 20 bets, whether it is odd or even. It’s that simple.

Big & Small: A common lottery bet type in QQ Keno Thailand. The game is simple and suitable for players of any age. Players need to guess the final result of each game from 20 numbers. The total added value of a given 20 number between 210 and 809 is considered small. If the added value is between 811 and 1410, the result is Big.

Upper Middle Lower: This method is more complicated than the other two betting methods above. You need to guess the total value of the given ten balls. There may be three different results in 3 different ranges, as described below:

 The total value of 10 balls ranges from 01 to 40 and counts as the Top
 The total value of 10 balls from 41 to 80 counts as a medium
 Ten balls with a total of more than 81 are counted as low

Even: Calculates the total value of the 20 balls received, the total value is usually less than 811, if the result is an even number, you win.

Odd: Calculates the total value from the 20 drawn balls. The total is usually greater than 811. If the result is an odd number, you win.

Small Even: Calculates the total value from the given 20 balls. An even number with a total value equal to or less than 810 is called a small even number.

Small Odds: Calculate the total value from the given 20 balls. An odd number with a total value equal to or greater than 810 is called a small odd number.

Coins: 20 balls with a total value between 210 and 695. You will get gold results.

Wood: 20 balls total between 696 and 763. You will get wood results.

Water: The total value of 20 balls is between 764 and 855. You will get a water result.

Fire: 20 balls total between 856 and 923. You get a fire result.

Earth: 20 balls with a total value between 924 and 1410. You get earth results.

Tie: The total of 20 balls is exactly 810, and you get a tie or a draw.

QQ Keno Promotion

At 918Kiss Club, when you join our QQ Keno, you will get very good casino promotions. First, you’ll get a welcome bonus of up to 120%! Next, we have many consecutive bonuses, including deposit, birthday, rescue, and more, to help you achieve better results!

Don’t know how to play QQ Keno?

If you have difficulty playing QQ Keno, you can always contact our customer service team. They are available 24×7 and ready to help you when you need them. You can contact them via the website Live Chat or Whatsapp. You can find it on the 918Kiss Clubs homepage.

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